Charging policy


Charging Policy

Basic Principles

No charge can be made for education during school hours.  The definition of ‘education’ includes materials, equipment and transport provided in school hours by the Local Authority or the school to carry pupils between the school and the activity.  ‘School hours’ are those when the school is actually in session, and do not include the break in the middle of the day.

School trips, visits and practical activities enhance the pupils’ learning and broaden their knowledge and experience.  These are undertaken with the voluntary contributions of parents.  No pupil will be excluded from an activity because his or her parents cannot or will not make a voluntary contribution.  The opportunity to pay in instalments will be offered to parents who wish to pay in this way.

Voluntary Contributions

Parents may be invited to make voluntary contributions to extend the value of school funds.  If a particular activity cannot take place without some help from parents, this will be explained at the planning stage.  If a planned activity has to be cancelled any monies received will be returned.  Parents will be asked to make voluntary contributions to school trips, visits or for practical activities such as technology.  These contributions will not exceed the actual cost.  Where an outside provider is used for out of school activities a voluntary contribution will be sought.

Residential Activities

No charge is made for a residential activity taking place largely during school time where this charge is for education or for the cost of travel.  Charges are made to cover board and lodging.  Children of parents receiving Income Support or Family Credit have the right to discuss alternative means of payment for board and lodging with the Headteacher.


In cases of wilful or malicious damage to equipment or breakages, or loss of school books on loan to children, the headteacher in consultation with the Chair of the Governing Body may decide it right to make a charge.  Each incident will be dealt with on its own merit and at their discretion.

In case of financial difficulty parents should contact the headteacher.